Membership of the Romford & District Historical Society costs £12 per annum.

For this, members receive free entry to 9 meetings per year, as well as a regular newsletter.

Non-members are very welcome to attend meetings for a visitor fee of £2.50 (this is taken into consideration if you subsequently join the Society).

Please join us!


3 thoughts on “Membership

  1. Phil Steer Post author

    Hello Brian,

    Many thanks for your enquiry. You can join the Society by paying the membership fee at any of our meetings. Membership runs from January through December. I don’t believe that, at present, we cater for part-year membership (although I would need to double-check this with the Membership Secretary). This being the case, it may be best to attend the remaining meetings as a visitor, and then join the Society in January. Once again, many thanks for your interest.

    Best Regards, Phil
    Phil Steer

    1. bmakepeace

      Thanks very much Phil. My apologies for not replying earlier – I had forgotten to check the site!

      I will do as you suggest and attend the remaining meetings this year as a visitor and join in January. I look forward to meeting you at the September meeting!

      Best regards,