Romford Football Club 1876-1920

Romford Football Club 1876-1920

The first Romford Football Club founded in 1876. With most of its players working for the Ind Coope Brewery, it was naturally nicknamed ‘The Brewers’. During the early years, Romford played against the likes of Blackburn Rovers, Tottenham Hotspur, Ipswitch Town and Charlton Athletic, and even reached the quarter finals of the FA Cup.

The culmination of decades of research, this book provides details of over 1500 matches, together with:

  • Season-by-season summaries and player statistics
  • League tables: Southern, Athenian and London Leagues
  • Short biographies of the club’s major personalities
  • Contemporary Annual General Meeting reports
  • Previously unpublished team photographs and local views

We also read about the boardroom coup of 1909, leading to a rival club being set up in Romford. Not forgetting the Stamford Bridge heartache, or the league match that lasted 42 days! A book to appeal to sports statisticians and local historians alike.

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